What is Catholic Home Magazine all About?

Source: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy

Mission Statement for Catholic Home

Catholic Home is a magazine meant to educate and inspire. The beauty of the Catholic Faith is something the world needs, now more than ever. Culture is immensely influential: our customs, entertainments, communities—the very way we communicate our emotions and aspirations—form our children, giving them the ideals and values that they will take with them through life. This is why it is so essential that our culture be infused with the Faith. 

Catholic Home seeks to bring Catholic culture to the fore in a medium free of electric noise. We want to present beauty while encouraging people, giving them a laugh, offering something to ponder, or something to hold on to throughout the day. We want to move people to seek moments of appreciation, creation and wonder. Catholic Home is all about Catholic life and our mission is to orient the world towards its Creator, the Good God.

Catholic Home Magazine

Catholic Home Magazine, Spring 2024

Bedtime stories are the doors to whole worlds and experiences. In this issue, Catholic Home is encouraging everyone, especially parents, to open these doors to your children. Reading to your children is of immense worth: introducing your child to stories opens their mind to people, places and ideas—to beauty! The questions that follow, the wonder, the engaging art and turn of phrase—all of this pours from the heart of the home, where parent and child can journey together through books that challenge and delight all ages.

So follow Captain Nemo to the bottom of the sea, ponder the animals of Aesop, grip Aslan’s mane as you dash across Narnia, dare the skies and deeps, fight dragons and dark things, take journeys of joy and grandeur, cheer the heroines and heroes of literature written for every age! And do it alongside your children, in the bosom of the home, where they can meet the world knowing you have their backs, and where you offer them a glimpse of a future time when they, in turn, perhaps lovingly read to their own children.

In this issue you’ll find an interview with author Susan Peek – and a chance to have your work published as the winner of our writing contest, judged by none other than Susan Peek! And for the children—the Children’s Challenge awaits!

God Speed,
Matthew Zepf
Editor, Catholic Home